DJ Niki McNally

Niki McNally

Raised in a family of musicians, music has always been a central part of Niki's life. She grew up performing and writing her own songs. It was her high school exposure to various Fabric compilations and DJ mixes that she credits as her introduction to the creative possibilities of electronic music. She was instantly hooked, and after chasing down as many mixes as she could, she began to learn the craft of DJing for herself.

It wasn’t long before she was playing for some of New York’s best clubs and traveling around the world. She performed for two years at the Buddha Bar, an experience that introduced her to a huge range of music from all around the globe. Mixing up different genres and sounds – everything from drum & bass to downtempo, house and other various genres of electronic dance music – her DJ sets there helped her develop a keen ear for blending a diverse array of styles together.

Now a Verboten Resident, +Niki McNally has taken the dancefloors of NYC by storm. She’s built herself a wide following through her energetic, musical sound, crafting a style that fuses together spaced out drums, melody and hypnotic basslines. Since 2008 She's had regular appearances at Cielo, Sullivan Room, The Highline Ballroom & SRB – Some of New York’s top music-minded venues – and with plenty of other high-profile DJ appearances to her name, Niki McNally is definitely one DJ making serious waves in the city’s electronic music scene.

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