Miss Jennifer

MIss Jennifer

DJ Miss Jennifer was born and raised in Queens, New York. A former model and college basketball player, she was always a vast collector of music and grew up listening to all styles from hip-hop to reggae.

Growing up in the 90's in the big apple, she began venturing into New York City nightlife in her early teenage years. There she was introduced to NYC's Sound Factory, Tunnel & Limelight to name a few. Though she had no idea, her great passion for underground music was born.

While completing her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Hunter College City University of New York, what began as a hobby at a weekly residency in a local night club in Queens, had turned into Miss Jennifer.

Her passion for music became so loud and contagious, that her following in New York began to grow in numbers at an unbelievable rate. Her career continued to grow quicker than ever expected. Before she knew it, she was one of the pioneer female DJ's leading the music trend throughout the East Coast.

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