Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin: Mister Saturday Night

Mister Saturday Night

Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday are parties organized and DJed by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter in Brooklyn, NY.

Mister Saturday Night strives to do a little more than a typical party -- with a love of great music and a passion for bringing people together. Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin try to create an experience that’s truly fun and engaging for everyone involved – party people, DJs, bartenders and even the doormen.

Eamon Harkin arrived in New York by way of Northern Ireland in 2004, and Justin Carter moved from North Carolina to New York in 1999. Meeting in 2008, the two conspired to create Mister Saturday Night.

After a short stint at a Manhattan club, the Mister moved to the hidden backyards and loft spaces of Brooklyn, trading in club world stigmas for a home-grown approach to party making.

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