Viva Toro - Williamsburg

Viva Toro

Brooklyn's only mechanical bull destination, serves up Mexican and Latin-Caribbean favorites, signature drinks and a side of unbeatable entertainment— and a mechanical bull. Situated in a rustic warehouse on Berry Street, VIVA TORO's timbered ceilings, and exposed brick walls lend the feeling that the restaurant could have been there for a century, though its doors opened in this new millennium.

Chairs and tables directly imported from Mexico furnish the space and compliment the local's other rich dark woods. Up a small set of stairs from the bar on the second level to the right of the dining area the bullpen presides over the entire affair. Here the robotic toro waits for its next thrill-seeking rider. Sitting amongst the old wood furniture, the split-level design allows diners to enjoy their meals independent of the bar area without compromising the overall excitement and ambiance that it lends to the space. VIVA TORO's upper level layout accommodates both an intimate dining experience as well as large parties.

Viva Toro

188 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211



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