Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova

The Bossa Nova Civic Club is cocktail bar & neighborhood tropical, techno dance club in Bushwick Brooklyn NY. This 1,900 square-foot club is the brain-child of former rave promoter John Barclay:

We feel that nightlife especially in North Brooklyn is kind of going away from the rye whiskey, plaid shirt, reclaimed wood vibe that's been dominating for the past, I don't know, like five years. I feel like the reclaimed wood, antiquey whiskey vibe has just kind of over-saturated North Brooklyn. We're trying to do something that's a lot more explicitly fun and, in a sense, clubby. We're not doing bottle service or anything like that, but it's centered around dancing, it's centered around entertainment, it's centered around having fun versus sitting and having a conversation.

Best Dance Club (2013),

Bossa Nova Civic Club

1271 Myrtle Av
Brooklyn, NY 11221



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