Flavored Ice Cubes for your Summer Parties

Those summer BBQ parties will be a lot better with some flavorful ice cubes to chill your cosmos, mojitos or whisky on the rocks.

There are few drinks that taste worst than a warm-water-downed Rum & Coke -- but if you prepare yourself the night before and fill your ice cube trays with some Pepsi or Coke, you and your guests will be a lot happier.

If you're willing to make a pricey initial investment, I recommend some push-out trays. There worth every penny when you consider the time and hot water you'll save with these trays.

A minimum of 20 ice cube trays is strongly recommended for party of 15 - 20 people -- and try to avoid those "flexible" rubber trays, they quickly soak-in that horrible frostbite smell -- and it never goes away.

Your first step is to consider which drinks to serve the day before your party/BBQ, and go out and buy all the fruits and beverages that compliment what you'll be serving.

Cubes of Coca Cola and Sprite are always a safe bet to have around, but if you prefer some fruity flavors, here's a great list of mixes for great flavored ice cubes.

Mix 2 parts Cranberry Juice to 1 part Lemonade
These cubes will be perfect for cosmos or margarita type flavored drinks.

Sprite or Limeanade with crushed Mint Leaves
The mint leaves should tell you right away that this mix will be perfect if you're serving mojitos, but these cubes will go great with any fruit flavored cocktails.

Crushed Fruits or Crushed Herbs with Club Soda or Tonic Water
This is one of my favorite flavored ice cubes mix, safe for any cocktail or straight drink, even Whisky and Dark Rum.

Chocolate, Coffee, Coffee & Milk with Nutmeg, Cinnamon or Cloves
Your milk based drinks like the White Russian will go a lot better with these nutty cubes.

Pineapple Juice or Pineapple Puree with Coconut Milk or Fruit Yogurt
A great combination to keep your Piña Colada chilled.

This is just a shortlist of possible combinations that will keep your cocktails from going limp -- you can also try some carefully poured beer to keep your brews cold, and you can never go wrong with some frozen grapes, not just for wines, for anything.

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