Tablelist App - Reserving a table at your favorite clubs just got easier

Tablelist is a new app, available on both Android and iPhone, which users can use to browse local nightclubs and lounges and make table reservations for the night.

The app first launched for club goers in Boston and has recently expanded with several clubs in New York City, including Marquee, Lavo, Tokya, Stone Rose Lounge and many more.

Other cities include Las Vegas and Foxwoods, CT.

How It Works

Launch the app and find your favorite spot, reserve a table and choose from the list of bottles available with your package.

Reserving with Tablelist carries a "minimum" purchase order, controlled by the respective venue, and which is set based on the demand and availability of tables.

Your table includes complimentary VIP admission, line privileges for your guests, bottles, mixers, and your own server. Depending on location and day of the week, tables will have different minimum spends. Select a table, then choose which bottles of liquor you would like, while adding up to the required minimum spend.

Winners & Losers
Patrons will love how easy Tablelist makes reserving a table at a popular spot - but pay attention to the fineprint "Depending on location and day of the week, tables will have different minimum spends."

In other words, behold the Uber of nightlife.

If you're a fan of Uber's car service, you know very well that on a rainy day (when cab service is at high demand), your Uber bill can triple, and sometimes go so high that you may consider never using the service again -- like a bad hangover after a great night of bar hopping.

Could Tablelist be a similar service?

Convenience is great thing, but convenience is why we sometimes end up paying a premium.

What prices will consumers be willing to pay for the convenience offered by Tablelist? And how will club owners use it to their advantage?

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