Downtown Hotspots - Bars and Lounges

Downtown Bars and Lounges
Nice list of bars and lounges throughout downtown, Manhattan and nearby Brooklyn, put together by VDKA 6100 for a promo campaign.

AOA Bar & Grill
35 Avenue of the Americas - 212-925-1600 -
Order up wood-fired pizzas at this sports gastropub in Tribeca and ask your bartender for a Queen B with VDKA 6100.

117 Perry St. - 212-242-4233
Unwind in this laidback West Village taverna with Venetian cicchetti small plates and a stylish 6100 Gimlet infused with fresh lime juice and simple syrup served shaken and chilled.

Beluga Bar at Caviarteria
75 Murray St. - 212-791-7777 -
Pair the world’s finest caviar with a 6100 Rocks, showcasing VDKA 6100’s expert craftsmanship and impeccable distillation.

Circa Tabac Bar & Lounge
32 Watts St. - 212-941-1781 -
Kick back at this 1920s-style bar in Soho with jazz, hip-hop, and modern spins on classic cocktails infused with VDKA 6100.

The Butterfly
225 W. Broadway - 646-692-4943 -
Compliment dinner at the a mid-century inspired cocktail bar and supper club with a with a sweet-n-savory mixed drink using VDKA 6100.

105 Hudson St. - 212-219-0500 -
Order up some Kumamoto oysters with Maui onion salsa and add a flavorful global twist with a 6100 Martini.

Ponte Vecchio Restaurant
8810 Fourth Ave. - Brooklyn - 718-238-6449 -
Sample fresh Mediterranean cuisine and ask your bartender for an effervescent, fruity VDKA 6100 tipple.

16 N. Moore St. - 212-941-0142 -
Enjoy the convivial atmosphere of this historic Tribeca bar during Sunday brunch and request a 6100 Bloody Mary dashed with hot sauce, dijon, and stout.

Therapy Wine Bar
364 Lewis Ave. - Brooklyn - 718-513-0686 -
Feel stress melt away in the flower-draped yard of this under-the-radar Brooklyn gem with craft VDKA 6100 cocktails.

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